Managed HIPAA Compliance

Simple solutions to complex HIPAA problems

As a healthcare business owner, staying compliant with HIPAA standards is one of your top priorities. You have invested a considerable amount of money to digitize your medical data with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. But while this tool gives you a substantial competitive advantage and tangible cost savings, it also has the potential to expose your data to online intruders and cyber attacks.

NAHS’s data collection, storage, and transfer policies will prevent your sensitive medical records from falling into the wrong hands. Our HIPAA compliance consultants will implement policies and standards that ensure you remain compliant now and in the future.

Managed Compliance Services from NAHS allow you to:

  • Address problems quickly - Ensure any and all security issues are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
  • Reduce costs - Identify and manage risks to save money on huge fines and penalties.
  • Secure sensitive medical data - Meeting regulatory compliance means your data is well-protected and secure.