How to create a Facebook ad that sells

Your products and services won’t sell, no matter how exceptional they are, if no one knows of their existence. That’s how advertising comes into play. Yet for a small business with a limited budget, an advertisement can cost big. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to the cost-effective online advertising platform hosted by Facebook. […]

HIPAA: The grey area between HealthCare and IT?

The process of smoothly incorporating technology into healthcare has been a journey of twists and turns. While health IT has firmly established itself as a reputable and result-oriented solution to the failures of the traditional manual system, the problem of security is still imminent. Not only are health data centers more vulnerable to cyber-attacks but they also prove to be too dynamic.This is thanks to the new technologies being developed each day. Keeping up with these trends while staying HIPAA-compliant is truly a tough task for all healthcare organizations out there.

Balancing Technology and Security in Health Data management

There is no denying that the health sector has experienced tremendous digital transformation in the last decade than anticipated. The journey of revolutionizing healthcare delivery through the use of IT started years ago. From Electronic Health Records to telemedicine and increased consumer-based technologies, the impact of tech in healthcare is evident. Its adoption has however faced serious challenges and top of that list is security concerns linked to use of digitized systems.

MS redesigns Office 365 web app launcher

Microsoft is improving the way Office 365 users access their apps and files and collaborate with colleagues. With Office 365’s redesigned web app launcher, users get quicker access to the tools they use the most and useful snapshots of their recent activities. Learn how it can make you work more efficiently. Key changes to the […]

What you can learn from Equifax’s leak

When it comes to security, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But as the Equifax leak case has taught us, once a security breach does happen, it’s best not to be sorry twice. Read on so your business doesn’t experience the same fate as the giant, bumbling credit bureau. What happened to Equifax? Equifax, […]

Need business management software? Try ERP

Whether you run a startup or a well-established corporation, there are always ways to improve how the business is managed. For some, introducing new corporate policies can streamline business processes, but if you want to see significant improvement, consider enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. What is ERP? Simply put, ERP software integrates various aspects of […]

Integrated Patient Management Systems and HIPAA

Compliance with HIPAA rules is not an issue to be taken lightly by any professional health organization. Electronic patient health information, in particular, is delicate and has been found to encounter the most attempts of data breach. What this means is that the security measures that involve electronic systems and integrated patient management systems specifically ought to be stringent and proof of foreign infiltration.

Converged Infrastructure solutions for Health Care Data Centers

The last decade has seen great steps in the evolution of health care in terms of legislation as well as technology. Integrated IT systems are attractive to most health organizations as well as hospitals with large record files. The move from traditional integrated IT systems to more IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions and SDDCs (Software-defined data center) has been on the rise in recent years.